Thursday, September 06, 2012

Diary of a Detox :: Day 10

A full-day media launch for a wine portfolio, that rolled out over 3 of Sydney top restaurants with top food and matching wine and champagne? That’s what my day looked like today. So obviously it wasn’t a wholefoods day.

That said, it was pretty good, all things considered. But to be honest, it made me start wondering how to get through stuff like this. I mean, having Angie prepare my meals, write me a meal plan, and with us being in touch, it's somewhat easy to be nourished and happy. Well, it's a darn bit easier than having to cook and do it all myself!

So it was good to get some advice from darling Angie on how to live and cleanse at the same time!

First things first, I took her up on her instruction to be well nourished and not go into the event hungry! I had my green smoothie and nourish-packed-loaf for breakfast, then at 10am we left the office. Asian entrees were light salad type meals, lettuce wraps and a couple of taster prawn bites - clean, clear, taste sensations! So we were off to a good start!

There was no drinking for this little duck, but there was a wee problem at the next venue – it was a meat lovers delight!  For a pescaterian (fish and veg) I was in a pickle. I had a wild weed  and fetta slice of pie (tasty!), then it was lettuce again, and a very light bean/veg combo. Not wildly filling and after a good few hours of entertaining media (aka, being switched ON!), my belly was rumbling. Yes, I had a couple of slices of the wrap bread.

Next (& final venue) was a wee little, stunning French place for dessert. Champagne and fruit jelly something or other (none for me thanks), cheese & crackers (just one!), some pear (good!) and a chocolate mousse with raspberries (probably not not not at all allowed, but god it was delish!) saw the end of work. Still starving by the time I got home!

So I very clearly saw one thing play out – that when I’m hungry, I’ll snack (bread, sugar etc) and that when I’m fully nourished, I don’t pick.

Another thing I have noticed – the amount of food you intake isn’t that indicative of how hungry you’ll be. The quality of the food is. Now on an intellectual level I've heard this and agree with it, but I now have first -hand experience of it and am totally noticing it on this cleanse! When I’m eating nutrient dense food that really fills me, I'm not peckish. Nutrient dense food is DENSE and full and heavy, not light (think most supermarket breads) and airy. And god it makes a difference!

It's not been a struggle, but it does take a bit of daily reminding of me to EAT, because I'm not 'hungry', but again, I'm sure this is just habit - I eat when hungry, and often by then it's eating light, crappy, on-the-go or simply unbalanced food (yes, a salad is great but it's not gonna fill you up!).

This is making a HUGE difference to how I’m eating.

One other thing, and ultra-important to note, Angie said to "most importantly, enjoy it all" about my big, gastronomical day. She's very clear about me not labelling foods 'good' or 'bad', but rather, using knowledge to make the right choices. So if I have to eat out for work, fine - do it, enjoy it! - but then make sure your breakky and dinner are going to fill the gaps left by that other meal. Makes perfect sense, hey?!

I can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of week 2!

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