Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Detox Transition :: Welcome to Reality

So it's been a few days now since I've 'transitioned' off my wholefood fairy's food and back to 'real life', hence the quietness here on the blog.

It's been really interesting, amazing, scary, empowering and I am excited to share with you what is going on.

Friday rolled around last week and it was the final day in the office for one of my work buddies. It was a big celebration so cupcakes were delivered early in the morning, we went out to a beautiful beach-side restaurant for lunch, and it was dinner at a pizza place that evening.

How'd I go?
Again, I enjoyed Every. Single. Bite. Actually, most bites. Let me explain:

My tastebuds have changed. The cupcake, whilst yes totally delish, was very sweet. I enjoyed the actual soft and spongy cake more than the icing (which for me, is unheard of. I have a photo of me when I must have been about 3 years old, sitting at a party with my cousins, a tray of icing-free cupcakes infront of me - yes, I'd eaten the whole tray of icing, and left the cake! So clearly I developed my sweet tooth early on!). Wow.

Lunch was yummy: fresh fish and chips, with good friends and a beautiful view on a sunny day? It was to die for.
Dinner though, I couldn't even get through half of what I normally would, and my tummy was gurgling the whole afternoon. Not happy jan!

Even though I allowed myself a free-for-all day, I still had my green smoothie and buckwheat banana bread in the morning, and some fruit in the arvo. There are a few habits that simply make me thrive and glow, and these are 2 of them. Who ever thought I'd become a breakfast girl? (Not me, that's for sure!)

On the weekend, I was babysitting my gorgeous nieces and didn't have time to prepare food or go shopping, so it was some salad bread rolls for lunch and a quickly thrown together pasta for dinner, and  let me tell you - I was hungry ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT.

The foods I've been eating with Angie are nutrient dense - ie filling, healthy, packed with good stuff. You simply aren't going to get that from processed stuff. And whether or not you have an argument against processed food or believe there's a difference between organic versus non-organic, my body didn't lie.

I work better on whole (real) foods. I have more energy. I'm not hungry and on the whole I'm not craving things. So I'm moving into an 80/20 relationship now - Monday to Friday being good, Weekends letting loose. But being gentle with it all.

I know if I want to do this long term, I need to feel like I have freedom (best way to make me quit on something is to surround it with rules). So here we go. Stay tuned :)

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