Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 16 :: Coffee anyone?

EXHAUSTED dot com. That time of the month means I am not happy jan. Bah. Exhausted, tired, cranky, about to cry at any moment. God, it was definitely one of those days. So I had a coffee. So funny, I wasn’t craving coffee AT ALL during this detox, but then bam, this last week it’s all I could think about. And when I did cry in the car for no reason on the way to work, I knew I had to be gentle. Coffee it was.

Must say, I still ate well, and am loving that food is mixed up this week, as I do really struggle with anything diet wise long term.

I have never been one to go on a fad diet here or there, honestly – a detox for me means eating healthy and taking away processed crap. We all know enough and have read enough and been told enough to understand that diets don’t work longterm. So eating healthy is good, but you know, I don’t drink, I’m not a huge party animal, and sometimes I wanna eat chocolate, dammit!

On the whole, I I’ve LOVED doing this cleanse. I thrive when I’m eating well. Today though. Let’s not talk about it. Ate well, still felt like crap, but lo and behold, totally acknowledged how I felt, recognised I needed some awesome breath work and stretching to ground me (was totally all in my head and all over the shop) and it worked.

The miracles of slowing down and getting back in touch with your body :)

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