Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Space - what it means

What does my word of the year involve?
Down time. Non-rushing. Time to be. Meditation.
Mind wandering. Doodling on paper.
Release. Nurture. Saying no. Saying yes to me.
Living wholeheartedly.

Have you chosen your word yet? xo


lilasvb said...

yes your word is great, mine as i said was share and its happens early morning, i went for buy indian's flowers and the sailor gives me a full bag of cut roses, they were not that fresh but still ok so i shared them as much as i could in my local street, small indian's street

Flying Yogini said...

i love your word. it was the word that got me to yoga in the first place and what I love rediscovering on the mat.

my word is begining… i want to return to that beginner's mind and connect with some new ways to look at my practice.

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