Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Green Smoothie Experiment

Me & my first home-made green smoothie
I did it - it's Day 3 of the 21 Day Adventure Cleanse and I'm on fire.... Whipped up my first home-made green smoothie today (bought my first one from about life on Monday) and SUCCESS!

My advice? Absolutely make your own! Mine kicked butt over the fresh store bought version, although it's good to know there are places around if you're in a pickle. But why buy it when you can make your own specifically tailored to your own fab tastebuds?

I made my first smoothie buoyed by the inspiration of this banana recipe at the Green Smoothie Challenge... but it was little too 'lettucy' for me, so I whipped out the juicer, juiced some apples and blended the juice into the smoothie mixture. Ahhh just right! *Don't drink this juice warm! Throw some ice in the mixture and make sure it's beautifully chilled!

I LOVED the drink.. so much so that I had 3 big glasses! And whether it was the fact that I had 3 big glasses, or whether it was a little healthy for my tummy, or perhaps as it was Day 3 of the Adventure Cleanse... whatever reason, within 30 minutes of the smoothie going down, my tummy was not a happy place. I know that might be a bit TMI but here's the nuts and bolts and raw facts of my cleanse!

But that was quick lived, and the rest of the day was rocking. Heaps of energy, and I'll be back on the green smoothies tomorrow :)


lilasvb said...

i am thinking of tryin g this kind of cleansing diet but for now i am still affraid

Anamaya Resort said...

Goodluck on your cleanse! Such a great way to start the year. The green smoothie looks delicious.

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