Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Word of the Year

For a couple of years I've moved away from the idea of new years resolutions, and more so loved the idea of a 'word of the year'. There's always debate about resolutions versus goals versus this or that, and simply, I do believe in all of them. I love having a roadmap to follow throughout the year.

Businesses have biz plans, companies have goals to reach and achieve, why should individuals not have theirs too?

Each year they look different, they generally encompass vision boards and the like, and this year, I've been swayed towards the word SPACE.

This in no small part comes from the fact that I'm still in the world of adrenal fatigue - almost a year and a half of consistent, absolute exhaustion. It's changed my diet. It's changed my practice. It's changed my motivation and inspiration. It's changed my expectations of myself - and that is a positive thing. When you physically can't do things, you have 2 choices - to either get frustrated and over it all, or just get on with what you can do.

Oh I'd love to share that I just got on with things. But the reality is slightly different. I got frustrated and was over it all. And then I came to the second option out of desperation ;) But I got there. And realised that pushing, forcing, keeping on doing what I was doing was not working.

So here we are. A clean slate, a new start.
Oh how I love new starts!
And space. I love space.

I've filled my minutes, hours and days to the brim for most of my life. If I have a spare moment, I fill it. Multi-tasking should be middle name. But that's not balanced. And I'm a yogi! My life runs most awesomely when it's balanced. Busy-ness is overrated, but balance, space, time, breath, ohhh that's where the juiciness is found. It's where the dreams are nourished, the sparks are lit, the passion for live is kindled. 

So space is my word for 2012. What is your word, friends?

**Exciting news. Come Fly With Me, the annual goal setting & vision board workshop I've been running for the last couple of years is happening again early 2012. Stay tuned for the date - and start saving your magazines, quotes, photos, bits n' bobs. We can uncover your word then if you still haven't found it!


Cindy Fearon, RYT/LMT said...

love your word for the new year; may have to "borrow" it from you! am still trying to decide on my word, though i've been leaning toward simple or simplicity. as a recovering multitasker, i could use more simplicity and space in my life. happy new year!

YogaG33k said...

Great word for 2012! Space evokes a feeling of expansiveness and possibilities...have a fabulous and inspired 2012, on the mat and off! xo

Rachel @ SuburbanYogini said...


lilasvb said...

happy new year, space is great
i will say : share

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