Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Manifesto

With thanks to my gorgeous friend Amanda of Illuminate Yoga. She's spot on :)

Honour thyself.
Meditate. Bathe. Unplug, unfurl, untame. More balance, less juggle.
Make space in you and around you for goodness. Create, serve,
over-deliver. Commit to excellence. Make everything you do an 
expression of presence & authenticity. Be organised, be flexible. Infuse
your words, actions & thoughts with unconditional love. Less shouting, 
more pausing. Earth, sun, sea. Drink exotic tea. Light candles, burn
incense & oil. Write. Write. Write some more. Innovate, inspire, indulge. 
Get on a plane. Stop judging, assuming, feeding fear. Get on your
mat. Curl up, kick back, switch off. More: cartwheels, colouring, 
drawing, doodling, painting, poetry, film, music, movement,
wind-in-your-hair-running, stomach-hurting-hilarity. 
Read more non-yoga stuff. Read more yoga stuff. Be a woman of your word. 
Lead with integrity. Identify your inner circle & worship them with more
dinner dates, flowers, wine. Laugh at yourself. Create ritual, find faith,
practise prayer. Surrender to divinity, soften, trasform, expand. 
Breathe. Bow in gratitude especially when you're angry. Courage. Light.
Peaceful warriorship. Take care of your roots, let things flow, then fly.
Forgiveness, healing, strength. Seek truth everywhere. Slay your
dragons then stand atop their bloody carcasses and roar. Craft a
crystal-clear vision of your dream self living your dream life. Then
pursue its manifestation with fierce, uncompromising, sweet, intensity.

No excuses: laters, tomorrows, if onlys.
Today is the day.
Onward. Upward.
Be brave, be brilliant.
Be someone who makes things happen.

Be you.
 Pink joy via the gorgeous Susanna Conway


lilasvb said...

great post, happy new year

Cindy Fearon, RYT/LMT said...


SARA said...

I L-O-V-E it! Thank you for a great blog!

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