Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Week of Goodies

♥ I'm loving 55 ways gentle ways to take care of yourself!
♥ This song just keeps going round + round in my head :) Fun!
♥ If you're on a feed reader, you may have missed that lil' old Shiny Yoga* has been fantastically redesigned! I love it! Awww thanks Kyla + Freckled Nest!
♥ I played with my friend's new little puppy Buddy this week. Pups are just pure happiness!
♥ I dived into my first Nanowrimo experience!
♥ My sweet friend got me some tickets to see my fave Band of Horses this week!! Band of Horses!!! They played with Kings of Leon, hello, awesome night! I sang along to all the words. Experience some of the joy here :) (Random clip, phenomenal song)

♥ Another gorgeous friend left me a package at work - with homemade veggie cannelloni, and parmesan and rocket salad. I almost cried :)
♥ I discovered a new budgeting tool and it's going well so far. Fingers crossed :)
♥ Having a crappy day? I feel your pain. Share it, or not.
♥ I ran my Give Love Get Love Yoga Workshop with a sweet friend yesterday, and seriously, the room was buzzing with love! This is why I do yoga :)

Have a good week my friends xo

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