Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am not a Tree! I am not a Tree! Repeat.. repeat...

For some reason this quote just wouldn't leave my head this week, "I am not a tree!"

And up it popped, while I was teaching yoga, watching students get caught up in habits and thoughts. "You are not a tree!" I wanted to share with them. So I did!

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When we're stuck - in life, in a job, in a relationship, in a yoga pose - in something that is not serving us, we can change. We always have a choice.

I spent years feeling 'stuck' on the treadmill of life. And don't get me wrong, it was terrifying to make such a big career jump and leap into the unknown. You can take baby steps, or you can dive out there. Heck, you don't even need to make a move in any which direction at all, today. But remember, you are not a tree. You can move. You can change. You can. The choice is yours.

Is there some area in your life today that is not serving you as best it could? It could be as simple as a yoga pose - something you can't crack. Why not back off? Why not stop 'pushing'? Just let it be, change focus, keep practicing as normal, and in time, in gentle time, I guarantee, you will get there.

Is there something bigger? A job? A calling? A relationship? Something that as it is, today, is not serving you as best it could? Commit to 10 minutes of simple time with a pen and a paper. Write down what it is, and then cross it out. Write down, jot down, draw, scribble, throw random words about, but with your own hands spend 10 minutes expressing a different scenario. It could be your dream scenario or outcome, it could be outlandish or real.
It doesn't matter.
The idea is to realise that you are not stuck.
There are options.

I looked to my own life this week, when I was struck with another bout of fatigue. It always creeps up on me.. I think I'm doing well.. that I have things under control and they're ticking along nicely. Then BAM! it's bed for days.

Sure I cried, I got frustrated, I wanted to hide away. Instead, I allowed myself to wallow and then I got damn angry. "I AM NOT A TREE! I AM NOT A TREE!" I shouted! And I may have even stamped my foot in frustration.

But then I asked for help.

Some of you will realise how hard that is for me to do, and if you don't, I'm telling you - it is really hard for me! I like to look in control. I like to feel like I've got all my bases covered. Which is probably exactly why I have been battling adrenal fatigue for the last couple years - because there's no control with something like this. There's no simple answer.

So I'm shifting my roots, I'm asking for help from lots of different people, and I'm even a little excited at the possibilities ahead. Oh, I can't wait for the day when I have lots of energy again! Even just normal energy! Hoorah!

And I am completely blessed as I have many strong, beautiful and talented people around me who are just all too willing to help... if only I ask.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves, and this week I was reminded in a not so gentle way, that I'm not stuck. You're not stuck. We are not trees.

So go and move, my friends. Move, dance, skip, hop and fly.
Make a change and be the change.


ces said...

Just when I needed this the most. I have been stuck to my current setting now and I have been wanting to do something different, be somewhere else. But I do not have the guts to take that big leap.

Hopefully before the year ends, I'm already decided as to what to do with my life. :| Great share!

- online yoga community

Fleur said...

Awesome Bella, I love this!! Such a good reminder - we can CHOSE, our thoughts, our actions, our patterns and our habits....and even the lovely people in our lives - thanks for reminding me that I have choices xxxx

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