Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fatigued of Fatigue

It's always amazing when a friend comes back from holidays or some time away, and they have had all these amazing adventures, while you've just plodded along. Ordinary things, regular days, that make up your life :)

I've been having an ordinary, regular life lately, which is beautiful in it's simplicity.  Study (yoga teacher training), teaching (yoga), working (yoga), resting. I'm trying to get more rest in because I'm still battling with adrenal fatigue - it's just a big ole lesson in patience that I'm receiving with this!  For a speedy gal who works too much and fills every waking moment with 'stuff', it's a HUGE stop sign.  Truth be told, I'm tired of feeling tired all the time but the universe thinks I need to slow down more, so slow down I am.

What's that fitting quote? Something about the universe not letting up until you've learnt the lesson? I'm living that now :)

I'm reading lots, napping loads, and having wonderful chiropractic and kinesiology sessions to help put me back together with loving energy.  Today I'm also having a one day vegie & juice cleanse, to kick start this new moon phase off on the right foot. The glorious full moon we had last night was (as always is) a good time to look forward - to forge a path of what we want, what would benefit us, what is no longer fitting us and our lives. It's a fresh, clean slate!

A big thing with my fatigue is diet, and it's a vicious cycle. I'm tired, so crave sugar. I don't want to cook, I'd rather have takeaway. But the things that will heal me, are 100% without a doubt, the wholefoods, fruits and vegies that nature provides.  Michael Pollan famously told us, "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants". My food lately is mostly made IN plants, not FROM plants. So I've just downed a yummy breakky smoothie, my first of the day. And lo & behold, it tasted Goooooood!!!  Spinach, banana, cos lettuce, lime, apple & spirulina. Yes seriously, tasted YUM!

Here's to a yummy, energetic week ahead friends xo

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