Friday, September 23, 2011

A diet for Supermodels - pfftt....

I'm not usually a fan of the 'amazing secret diets' of this or that super model. Because really, let's be honest, if I had millions of dollars, personal chefs and trainers (not to mention, awesome genetics), I reckon I'd look pretty hot too :)  But more power to Miranda Kerr, who had a feature in the Body+Soul Sunday newspaper lift out this past weekend, and who actually a) eats more than just fish and veggies, and b) eats FABULOUSLY.

I stand corrected - some of these supermodels really do take care of their health and treat their bodies like a temple. Here's some of her goodies that I had to pass on:

Coconut Water
They say: Packed with electrolytes, coconut water is a powerful natural hydrator. It's an undeniable source of vitamins C & B, protein, calcium, iron and zinc.

I say: As a hot yoga teacher, this stuff is gold. Did you know it's got the closest composition to human plasma possible? It is an amazing rehydrator, and for Aussies living in and enjoying a hot summer, you can't do better than this. Add the coconut flesh to a smoothie and it's even better.  Fresh is best but Cocobella do a yummy guava flavoured one too :)  A+++

Tamari Almons
They say: Almonds are high in fibre, low-GI and a source of vitamin E, magnesium and riboflavin.

I say: Have you tried these? Yes, nuts are good (go for activated* ones if you can, or do them yourself and save a packet) but even better, tamari nuts taste A-mazing! Seriously. Best. Snack. Ever.

Raw Dark Chocolate
They say: Aside from its antioxidant benefits, raw dar chocolate is lower in fat than milk chocolate.

I say: Chocolate rocks. Simple and true. But the thumbs up here goes to the flagging of the Loving Earth brand - an organic, Aussie company. So good for you, good for the country, and happy for your belly!  *drool*
A kinda healthy chocolate superfood recipe? I'll have some of that : )

Chia Oil/Seeds
They say: Chia is rich in antioxidants and omega-3. Miranda uses this in shakes and muffin mixes.

I say: I use chia seeds in my morning smoothie, as well as certified organic wheatgrass powder. You can't even taste them but you get an absolute hit of goodness.  Go the super foods!

Maca Root Powder
They say: Rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, this is the "Peruvian superfood"

I say: This has been recommended to me for so long, this is the sign I'm taking to use it!

There were even more goodies listed in the article - for all of them, check it out here.  Tell me friends, have you tried any of these goodies? Got good brands to recommend? Interesting recipes to try them in? Share the love!


*How the heck to you activate nuts? Stay tuned, info coming!

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green flings said...

Okay I admit, I've tried nearly all the organic wines I can find :)

Big fan of Tamburlaine from the Hunter Valley, also Cono Sur (from Chile, but very fairly priced and they use bicycles to get around the vines!).

Lots of bottle shops have an organic/biodynamic section these days, and it keeps growing, so I always have something new to try. Happy to report organic wines keep getting better by the year!

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