Thursday, September 29, 2011

Be Here Now

Last week I focused on a theme of presence in yoga class, taken as it was Week 1 of Baron Baptiste's 40 Day Revolution at the studio I manage.  Throughout class I have asked people to notice when their mind wanders (what is it we're focused on other than this moment?), to notice when they're fixing their hair instead of coming deep into pigeon pose (what are we avoiding?), and to be aware of feelings both good and uncomfortable as they arise in class.

I often joke around with my students and tell them "So what if this pose is uncomfortable?" "So what if you don't like the music being played?" (that's a big bone of contention, such personal tastes as we have for music)  "So what if the room is busy?"

And the yogis all dutifully nod, and me too - I listen to myself, and nod. And when I'm practicing, and am rolled out in pigeon, I try to let my glutes relax, my jaw chill out, and my mind surrender.

But then I'm caught in a traffic jam, and all those thoughts fly out the window, etc.

The Buddha laughs and says, "I'm not a saint, I'm not a god, I'm just awake" (paraphrasing there, but you get the idea). Awake. Ohh it's tricky to be awake. It's a day at a time, moment by moment equation.

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One of the questions we were urged to explore in the theme of Week 1, was are we hiding anywhere in our lives? Is there a particular area where we are not awake?  Again, for me, I looked at the personal side of life, the heart openers I'm battling with at the moment, and the back issues I'm having that my chiro tells me is more emotion than physical.  I'm definitely awake to these things, but have I found the answer yet?

Not today.

But little by little, by SHOWING UP, I'm preparing myself for a life of presence. I have to believe that.

Friends, are you aware of where you are 'asleep' in your life? Do you want to share?


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ClaireBear said...

Lovely posting :)

Thanks for the contemplation, I find I'm not always 'awake' to my own personal needs. I let my personal practice slip, I put others needs ahead of my own. It's not necessarily a bad thing, and hey by typing it out and taking the time to think about it, i've become a little awake :) Cheers to that!

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