Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Staying Creative in a (sometimes) gray world!

I was reading a beautiful lot of words recently, about how to stay creative in life.

In a prior world, I was a music publicist. I worked with rockstars, indi champions, people with big egos - many of whom really shouldn't have them, people with genuine hearts and inspiration and truly talented beings.

Music has always been a big part of my life but over the last year since I left the industry, it's taken me almost 12 months to the day to actually start enjoying music again. Gigs became work to me. I couldn't listen to the radio without wondering about what the Music Director was thinking. It all became 'work'.

Now, thankfully, I'm finding the joy in it again. And when you hear amazing new music like this, it's easy to see why :)


Rachel said...

I love the synchronicity of the blogosphere! This is the third music blog I've read this week and I have a music one schedule for Friday!

moi said...

totally my favourite new song. thanks for posting - you cant find tunes like this is north america (bloody R&B!) bigLOVE x

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