Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some days...

Some days the universe knows when you need a hug.

I was greeted by the sun rising and looking oh-so-sweet bright and early this morning on my way to yoga.
Universe, thank you :)
beautiful 6am sky

A gorgeous student gifted me my new oh-so-favourite paw-paw & honey organic balm (with a too-cute bow!). Shiny lips :)
Universe, thank you :)

As I left class, I got a text from another oh-so-sparkly student which gave me tingles. Seriously, I thank my students as much as they thank me!
Universe, thank you :)

I saw my oh-so-fave chiropractor who heals not just my bones and body, but my spirit too.
Universe, thank you :)

And then I taught 2 more oh-so-joyous yoga classes where the love, the spirit, the energy and passion filled my heart up - right to the brim.
Universe, thank you :)

Lastly, I got to work on some promo materials for work in a job I love. Day = great.
Universe, thank you x 1000000 :)

hahaa just love this! 

These were really just the gifts I needed today. I am oh-so grateful :) 

1 comment:

Kim Romanik said...

You know I love a gratitude post! Sounds like a lovely day Stella! Much love surrounds you. x

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