Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today I'll practice...

...saying NO.

I'm a yes girl.
Ask me to help out, I'll say yes.
Ask me to do a yoga cover, I'll say yes.
Ask me anything, chances are I'll say yes.

Read between the lines - I'm a bit of an over-committer; A bit of an 'I'll help you, it doesn't matter if I'm tired/busy/sad/already booked etc etc'- kind of person.  I do this from a place of wanting to help others, but recently I'm also discovering it's coming from a place of needing to feel loved (I'll do this for you, so I'm worthy, if that makes sense).

It's funny, it's taken me 30 odd years to figure that out.

There's a beautiful fine line between helping others and over-committing yourself because you need to prove your self-worth and at long last I think I'm starting to dance that line a little better.

Big hugs to you dear friends.  What are you practicing today? xo


lilasvb said...

so go on dance, actually my knee is so painfull that i can't do nothing so i just do meditative walks

Flying Yogini said...

clearly this is a post for me too! good job saying no!

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