Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slowing Down

As you probably can tell by now, dear friends, I'm busy. I do lots. I rarely have time alone, time to just chill out.  If I find I magically have that time, I'm normally so tired I will sleep it away :)

But despite all those signs of busyness, it took the universe slapping me round the head to actually slow down. Or rather - the universe pushing me down the stairs.

Yep, it was a week of OUCH for me. Last Monday I somehow managed to twist my sacrum (yes, my chiro was equally as impressed as I in figuring how the heck I did that). On Tuesday got it sorted (my chiro is magic). Went back to the chiro on Wednesday as the pain was still there - it had moved further down my back and was more around the tail bone, which lovely chiro expressed was not so much a physical thing like Monday's twisted sacrum, but that I was holding onto things (suppression) that were making me sore - so it was an emotional issue. Hmmm, no surprise there! 

Magic chiro fixed me - and within the hour I'd slipped down some stairs at work! Yowch! Back to severe pain, another chiro visit the next day, lower back pain and neck pain now as well. I'm nothing if not consistant.

But 4 chiro visits in the one week and now I'm doing so much better.  Phew.

A sign to slow down? Not run down stairs? Take a breath? 

Thanks Universe, your opinion is noted : )


svasti said...

Been busy trying to pay attention to those signs myself, courtesy of my current health situation AND a torn calf muscle thrown in for good measure.

If we can do one thing less a week, what would it be? I reckon we've got to get better at saying NO on occaision and finding more time for genuine relaxation. Hope you're feeling better now!

Flying Yogini said...

four visits in a week.. ouch! sorry to hear you were needing that. agreed: need to find a way to take more deep breaths. life gets so darn hectic and we rarely take time for ourselves. so doing that now… here. thanks for the reminder

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