Wednesday, June 29, 2011

YOU really can change the world

I was chatting with some girlfriends recently when one shared that she had always dreamed of being famous. She was going to be the next Bill Gates with an almighty mind used for good. Then the other sweet friend shared how she was going to be discovered, write that novel that would become a movie for which she'd win the Best Screenplay Oscar.  However it would occur, the famous part was a given. Me? I've got my dreams too. I was always going to be that famous author.

But then, you know, we grew up.  One became a teacher, the other a librarian, me - a yoga teacher.  But before we got too down on dreams gone to pat, we realised that we may not famous in the 'Bill Gates' or 'Oscar winner' or '#1 on the NY Times Bestsellers List' - but each of us, in our own way, is absolutely still making an impact.
YOU, right now, you're making an impact too.
Maybe not to millions. But to the people in your life, your friends, those you teach or counsel or befriend, the truth is that you're making more of an impact first hand to them than Bill Gates ever could.

Imagine a teacher who doesn't focus on the struggling student, the one who gets left behind. The impact of a teachers dedication and care to 'your' son or daughter is immeasurable.

When I teach yoga, I come from a place of seva (service) and when I hear of students who get breakthroughs in class, or fall in love with the practice so much that they'll go and do their own teacher training, that is just phenomenal. To know I had a tiny part in uplifting someone's day or week is why I do this practice of teaching. When a student left my Wednesday night class after years of weekly practice (he was moving interstate), I almost cried when he mentioned coming to class was one of the highlights of his time in Sydney.

These students who I often see week in and week out, these lovely beings who share their stories with me, write me christmas cards, give me birthday hugs, these students impact my life just as much (if not more!) than anything I'd have given to them.

It's pretty magical, to be around and experience first hand the fact that for someone out there, right now, you are their world. You are impacting their life.

So, are you making a good impact? Don't doubt yourself friends, YOU are making an impact of my life. As are you, and you, and you. And this one here too, and that one. And to many many more countless friends both here and over the internet. Thank you xoxo

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