Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week's Wish List

My week will include:
Teaching 9 yoga classes
Practicing 3 times as a student
One morning sleep in till 7:30am (eep!)
A movie night
Getting notes ready for next Interview with a Yogi
Nightly Yoga Nidra
A photoshoot! Thanks Dave :)

What I would like to add on:
Writing 2 blog posts with inspiration from Emerson & Be Gentle Be Love
Cooking up some yummy homemade vegie soup
A coffee date with dear friends
Go to the pet store and hug a puppy
Get a start on 'This is Yoga*'
A goal coaching session with Jen
Exploring Eoin Finn's Blissology dvd's

Thanks Kimberly for ever-inspiring me with your weekly to-do's. Friends - what's on yours?

1 comment:

lilasvb said...

i will teach 5 classes, practise myself morning asanas, evening meditation 5 days next week. work at office for writting a project for next year. draw as much as i can. cook. read a little bit more
walks with the dogs....
thanks it is nice to answer

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