Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shhhhh, it's a secret

One of my secret dreams is to write. Actually, to be a published writer.
I have always wanted to be a writer.

When I was little, I was going to grow up and be an 'author'. Then I got big, and still the dream was there. So I went to university and studied journalism. And wrote for the local free music paper. And wrote for the uni student newspaper. And then edited the Uni Student Newspaper.

Then I fell into the music industry and the world of publicity and PR. I still wrote - although it was more press releases than creative writing. But still, I was loving it.  When I started teaching yoga and started up a blog, that passion for creativity came back, LOUD and strong! So this blog has evolved over time... and more and more I'm craving writing.

Truthfully though.. I'm still a little shy and somewhat scared to write here. I like to daydream that no one reads these little pages here, although nothing thrills me more than when you leave comments or let me know how something here has touched you. I guess that's just the way I connect in with my heart space - I am truthful and open and free with my words if I just put them out there, with no fear of being judged.

Because with putting yourself out there, comes the possibility that you might be rejected. Understand?

Yet despite all of those niggly fears, it's simple - I want to write. I just want to.

And I enjoy it.  Sometimes, that's all you need.
But still, there's more.  Yep - best yet, I find that when I'm honest and open, when I share my secret dreams and desires, they sometimes have a funny habit of coming true. Not always in the way I'd imagined. Oh no.. I find that if I give up opportunities because they didn't look exactly as I'd anticipated, I'm actually ripping myself off!

So here's to more writing, and putting my dreams out there. Here's to being a published writer. (EEP!)
I'll take some hints on writing from those who do it oh so rockingly well, and I'll keep plodding, sharing, opening, and dreaming. I hope you'll share your dreams and secrets with me too!!


Kim Romanik said...

hey stella bella, can i challange you by asking you to be more specific about your writing ;). Just curious, what do you want to publish? and when? any ideas yet? fiction? non fiction? Sorry, lots of questions just curious. U and I know the importance of being specific!

the meditator said...

i love reading your blog .. and i have been touched many times by your words .. i too believe that if you put it out there, words, actions and dreams, it will happen. 'speak it and make it true' .. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog stella, you and your writing are so inspiring! Keep on shining love!!! X Michelle

lilasvb said...

writing is always good, your post are inspiring

green ink said...

Your writing is like sunshine. Go for your dreams darling!! xx

green flings said...

You can do it lovely Stella - like you said, put it out there to the universe, and just get started, you'll get there!

Not sure if you've heard of it, but I had my writing assessed by a publisher through the NSW Writer's Centre (in Rozelle, so near your studio!) and it was a very helpful exercise.

Here's to both our writing dreams coming true xx

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