Wednesday, May 04, 2011

This is Your Life. Do What You LOVE & Do it Often.

THIS is your life.

Right here, this moment.

Why oh why, then, do we always wait? Wait for that job? Wait for that amount of $ in the bank? Wait for that magical ingredient that will make everything turn out alright? What, I ask you, is alright? What exactly will your life look like when it's good and going swimmingly and we no longer have to wait?

Really, I write to answer my own questions, I suppose. How much money is 'enough'? What is on my bucket list (here's a cool bucket list)? Do you find that you might not necessarily know the answers to these things, but maybe you know what it looks like on the flip side? That is definitely my story - I know that right now I don't have ENOUGH, or that this is what UNHAPPINESS looks like etc etc.  Well, that used to be my story.

I suppose for me, this post is clarification on all of this. Clarification on my life & to kick me into gear. It's like a goal - if you don't have a specific, measurable goal, how will you ever know if you achieve it? So here we go. GOALS.

My brief story of Goals, The Universe, and WHISPERING your Dreams:
Last year I left a job and a career that I honestly thought I'd be in forever (the career, at least). But then life changed - I changed - and I gave up a well paying, exciting job with super, sick pay, a car, bonuses, a lap top, a fun social life and a paid for mobile plan. I gave all that up for a gig as a yoga teacher - with no super, no sick pay & in fact, pretty spectacularly less than average pay all round, I had to give my car back and buy one (or rather, go into debt for one), start paying for mobile and internet bills, get up to teach early morning yoga classes, teach late at night yoga classes, and all of that for what? Because I had a calling.

Hahahaa oh I'm serious! This isn't a joke!
And you know what? I don't regret a moment of it.

Since the big change, I have found some crazy happiness. I was lucky enough to cross paths for a short time with a company that was massive on goal setting - and I had to pin point my goals, paint them down on paper, and voice them aloud to other people.

I whispered out some massively secret goals of mine, I was too scared to shout them out - but you know what?? The universe doesn't care if you whisper, the universe has an amazing sense of sound. The universe heard me, and before we even hit April, the universe responded to my goals.

I figured out it's kind of a tit-for-tat deal.  You trust in the universe and the universe gives back.

You really truly trust (as in you give up the job with the bells and whistles to really follow your heart and heed your calling) and the universe will smile.

So what were 2 of my whispered goals?
1) to become an ambassador at lululemon athletica. To join the cream of the crop of yoga teachers and sports people, and be known for my passion, my teaching, my yoga spirit.
2) to be a teacher at my favourite yoga studio, Body Mind Life. To teach where my teachers teach. To be part of a studio that sang out loud about community and spirit.

Less than 4 months after voicing my dreams, I have achieved both of them.
Did you hear that?  Less than 4 months after voicing my dreams, I have achieved both of them.

So here's to YOUR LIFE, which is happening right now. And here's to doing what you LOVE. And here's to setting goals.

I believe in YOU. You can do it.
xo stella

**Need some help setting goals? Contact me at for a one-on-one goal coaching session (via phone, skype or email). You'll love it :) If you're in Sydney, we can organise a face to face session for you or even a goal coaching party for you and some friends/work colleagues etc.


Nancy said...

I LOVE THIS!! I feel exactly the same way and one year after finishing YTT I feel like I have also found my calling, my dream and my passion. I'm teaching 7 classes this summer, have a kicking blog and a second secret project in the works. So much goodness b/c I went for it.

Congrats on everything! You ROCK!

Megan Summers said...

I freakin love you!

Megan Lesley said...

You may have just saved me from a lifetime of unhappiness = you just saved my life :) Thank you

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