Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sharing = Caring (5 sites I'm digging right now)

Isn't it funny, the random memories you have for seemingly no reason at all? The other week someone reminded me of an email signature I had at a job almost 10 years ago. I was a fresh out of uni, early 20-something bright eyed & bushy tailed gal in the music industry. I was confident and happy and thought the sun shined always... so much so that even when it was raining, or we were crazy busy, that sunshine was still evident. So on my email signature, to remind everyone else of that fact, I had the regular address/ phone / contact info, and also put:

... sunny day

I emailed many international companies, local national media and all types of personalities, but I just believed so deeply that we could all be happy that I wanted people to remind themselves of it all day, every day.

Here's some websites that you simply must check out. One) because they're great and I regularly visit them. Two) because they remind you to find the sunshine in your day - come Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn. Seriously. Hop to it xo

Gala Darling :: Because really, who doesn't love sequins and sparkles? This gal is all about self love, self expression and happiness. A girl after my own heart.

Kind Over Matter :: Kind acts, inspired stories, arts & projects - in other words, Feel Good Nouns... says the site, and it's true. I can't believe I only just discovered this site, I love it!

Tranquility du Jour :: An oldie (for me) but gee it's a goodie. I love Kimberly's recaps of her week, her lists of things she loves, her photos and her inspiration. Lacking some passion yourself? Get it here!

Enjoying the Small Things :: A mum, a dad, two adorable bubs, and a day in their life. It's a simple concept, but Kelle nails it. She is an awesome photographer and it's no less than a handful of times I've cried (happy tears) whilst reading her posts.

Love More Fear Less :: loved things (from the blog author) that I love too. Pics, quotes, imagery. This is a sun-drenched blog that will have you wanting to do yoga and surf, even if you are inflexible and don't like the water.

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love the sunny draws

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