Monday, May 16, 2011

A recap - Yoga Teacher Training Week One

Or.. Whatever you are, be a good one. ~ Abraham Lincoln

It’s easy to get down in this current time we’re living in. And as a depressed person, I feel that sinking feeling a lot more than your average Joe. But take a look around – especially in the lucky, abundant countries we live in – Australia, The Lucky Country for example. We have it all. Or at least, a lot.

For the most of us, we have healthcare, we have food, we have sunshine, rain and roofs over our heads. We have jobs that provide us with ample income to buy those big screen tv’s, take those yoga classes, go on those holidays. We have family, we have friends.

Yet still… still… we’re waiting. We’re waiting for that person to make us complete. That thing to make us happy. We seem to be endlessly buying up in order to fill up. Buying external things in order to fill up on the inside.

So as I sit beside 17 new yoga teacher trainees, I can’t help but feel happy – and it’s a different kind of happiness. It really is a deep happiness. It’s not the kind that disappears as soon as I indulge in my purchase or activity (although gosh, I do keep going back to that cake to recreate it).

Here, I’m surrounded by people sitting in a room chanting. Yogis sitting cross legged on the floor, learning about ethics and asana. Gals and guys (hoorah!) of all ages figuring out what makes us tick, where we hold blockages in our bodies, where we stop flow and how we can get it moving again.

We’re learning that deep & real happiness comes from flow, not from cake.

We’re learning that whatever shape our bodies bend into (or not), we are all yogis.

We’re learning that when we Om together, we are divine.

We’re learning that whatever we are, we can be it well.

As with any yoga teacher training, there’s tears as we dig deep and see our habits for what they really are. Not at first - On day 1 everyone is quite a wound-down version of their true self – feeling out everyone around them, understanding the dynamics of a new group. But day by day the layers fall away, the truth is revealed, and our unique spirits come to the surface. Yes, tears come, and they’re hugged away by new friends who perhaps have learnt more about you in a week than some of your ‘friends’ at home who’ve known you for years.

But there’s also smiles and belly laughs. We laugh at ourselves, we laugh at each other, knowing that in all of us is the potential for bliss and enlightenment. Pretty cool, huh?

Week 1 down, 6 more months to go.

Namaste xo

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karen2202 said...

Beautiful post gorgeous shiny girl!! I totally agree it is amazing and wonderful in this world to share with others the deeper connection to genuine happiness rather than the fixating on the transient and misleading pleasures of mulah, baked goods or various addictives. Also loving the piccys! Keep up the great work!!
Karen of the red poncho and beanie :) xoxoxo

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