Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekend Love

* Sleep in's! Sunday was my one and only day this week to sleep in, so of course I woke up before 8am. Still, going back to snooze was delicious :) I love sleep, & So does this bubba.
* Idiot box! I don't watch much tv as I'm rarely home that often, but Sunday nights are teev nights and I love them :)
* Dates! Yes, this little yogini has been on a few dates of late and aren't they the best? Love this picture about date ideas :)
* Breakfast catch up's with friends is something that 'fills me up'. That connection with friends recharges me, & let's me keep on keeping on. Pancakes are amazing, aren't they?
* Loving taking every spare moment to read all my new books.. The Skinny Bitch girls rock, raw food is getting a look in, and I can't put down the peaceful warrior!
* Would you believe how excited I am about this upcoming teacher training? I'm confirmed to go!
* Sunday night is cooking night in my home.. and the Moosewood cookbooks are on regular rotation here in Sydney! This dish is my fave!

Life is good and for that, I am grateful:)

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