Sunday, April 17, 2011

No Excuses

By the time you read this post I'll have completed an ambassador photo shoot - and I'm sure I'll love it! But in the leadup to it, the thoughts haven't stopped... I'm too pale, I'm not flexible enough, I am not as slim as the other ambassadors...

Yes, me - a yoga teacher - who well and truly, absolutely believes that we are all beautiful. Me, who is in LOVE with my body, my strong, yoga loving body. Me, who encourages my students to be oh so happy with wherever they are in their practice, and however they look. But still, we're conditioned to believe that if we look a certain way, it's the 'right' way to look. And when my poster is up instore, right next to the poster of the glamourous fit bendy yogi doing a one fingered handstand (haha, not really, but there's my mind), these thoughts become louder.  But as my yoga teacher consistently tells me, "we are not our thoughts" - so Stella, get over yourself!

Why do I share this? Because I suppose I want to let you know that we are all the same. We all have worries, we all have egos, we all have doubts. Yoga teacher, elite athlete, school teacher, stay at home mum. We are all beings who want to be loved, to fit in and to thrive.

And we all have crazy monkey minds that tangle us up in non-reality, that make us feel less than (or better than!). But today, I will practice being present. I will practice knowing that I am an ambassador for a company & was chosen as thus because I DO love my body, in all it's glorious paleness and strength. I DO love my curves. I DO love what I can do on the yoga mat - and off. I DO love me.

No excuses.

1 comment:

lilasvb said...

great post, exactly this! always complaining about 2 kgs of fat on hips!!! pfffff!!!

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