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Interview with a Yogi :: Persia Rutchinski

Persia is a beautiful spirit who teaches at Body Mind Life Yoga Studio in Rozelle. I first came across her class on a random day off, at a lunch time class, and literally floated out of the studio afterwards. With her calming, confident & inspiring manner, I tried a number of new poses I'd never dreamed of trying before - and succeeded! She has this amazing ability to make you feel safe and confident, and her knowledge is inspiring.  I quickly bought Persia on as an ambassador for lululemon ivy (where I was working at the time) - she is perfect for the role and I'm proud to call her my teacher. Take 5 minutes today to hear some of her wisdom :)

HOW DO YOU BEFRIEND YOUR BODY?   Friendship with my body has been a journey through the years.  Before a deep and regular yoga practice I experienced self loathing, judgement, anxiety, binging and sometimes purging with food.  I practice yoga consitanly now and have done so for 7 yrs.  This combined with eating mostly whole foods keep me connected to my body but also to the world in its more natural form.  Waking up to ones divine nature seems to blast light over negativity.  Falling in love with yourself is a natural by product!

DESCRIBE YR YOGA PRACTICE, REMEMBERING THAT YOGA IS UNION, & NOT JUST ASANA.  HOW DO YOU LIVE YOGA ON & OFF THE MAT?   Gosh my practice has changed so much!  From comedic laziness and playfulness in my teens and early twenties, to fierce focus, ambition and at times body obsession in my mid twenties, now that I've turned thirty it's really not about getting anywhere anymore - it's about arriving!  My breath matters more to me now then any shape I can make with my body.  My breath draws me into the moment, connects me to sensation and returns me to a state of bliss.   My practice on the mat directly impacts my attitude off the mat.  I struggle way less, the desire to be special or strive has lost its grip and generally I find resistance to people or ideas melts away.  I'm more able to stand in my own truth without making other beliefs right or wrong!
IS MEDITATION PART OF YOUR PRACTICE? I have struggled with meditation!  Vippasana was my first real experience of meditating.  Now I enjoy almost daily a guided meditation called inner smile.  It works for me as there is a focus on heart opening, and focusing my mind helps me take my seat so to speak.

WHAT TIPS WOULD YOU GIVE A NEW YOGI OR MEDITATION PRACTITIONER?  To a new yogi, have fun!  To meditation, don't force it and choose lovely out door places or early mornings in your home.  To often I have witnessed a staunch attitiude or forcing within a practice.  There's no need.  Do what you love and love what you do!

WANT TO SHARE WITH US A FAVE BOOK, SITE, STUDIO, ANYTHING? My fave book ooooh...  Anything by Paulo Coelho!  However a rare book to find 'The Moon Under Her Feet' blew my mind years ago.  My fave pose? Wild Thing!  Love the transition of wheel to standing as well.  Sometimes it doesn't work out but always thrilling in the moment lol.  I love vinyasa and anusara, just love yoga full stop.

HOW CAN PEOPLE BRING YOGA INTO THEIR EVERYDAY? Yoga daily: Start with noting one point of gratitude when you wake up, pause before your first sip of tea or bite and food and smile, inhale the scent and exhale thanks.  You are provided for!  Listen to people when they speak.  See your surroundings when you walk.  Feel your reactions during a moment of challenge and pause/ breathe before your next action.  All people search for is Love ultimatly.  Be generous with offerings!

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR TODAY? Today it's my friend and seeing the beautiful students at this mornings 6am class.  It doesn't feel at all like work when you walk out of class, students glowing and the next teacher is your besty at the front desk with a chai and hug awaiting!  AWESOMENESS!

HOW DO YOU SLOW DOWN & SMELL THE ROSES? Sydney has really helped me to smell the roses or frangipani ;-)  It's so epically beautiful here, that I can't resist a night walk or early morning cruise on Bondi Beach.  A softer attitude on life has helped me wake up to the amazing surroundings of nature.

ANY IDEAS ON STRESSING LESS & ENJOYING MORE? Inner Smile, Heart Open.  Desire less for the approval of others.  Your gut lets you know when you travel with your highest self or if your move from a less aligned place.  The shift doesn't have to take years, it starts now!
HOW DO YOU LIVE A WHOLEHEARTED LIFE? I can say it's natural living a whole hearted life.  Easier perhaps for myself as my dad is a poet and musician, my mumma is a talented artist and feminist.  Expression was always encouraged of me and even though life had its very dark moments, I always knew I was loved.  Living wholehearted is a practice of awareness.  When your awake you can even see a beauty or blessing within pain.

PERSIA teaches @ Body Mind Life Yoga Studios & is also an ambassador at lululemon ivy. Thanks for sharing wisdom Pee xo

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Jenny said...

Oh Persia - you are truly an inspiration! If only I could transport you to London as you would have so much wisdom to offer to my often very troubled patients. I have been in only one of your professional classes, for my Birthday present in my 40's in Vancouver - you made me feel warm, welcome, never mind those more experienced - stretching seems to get a bit harder as you get older but you helped me to do that - and it would be hard for me to be taught by any one else teaching yoga subsequently. That is what you do and why you are so good at what you do. Hope this is not sounding too biased but then I am! I so agree with all you say in your short interview - and with your influence only just today recommended yoga as therapy. Many people could benefit from focusing on the 'here and now' as opposed to the 'regrets and fears'. You are wonderful and am so glad to see you on this film. Beautiful thoughts. Big Love, Auntie Jenny

Dr Jenny Petrak
London, England

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