Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love coffee

And I love my keep cups.  However, there's a lot more we can do. Check out these stats from Elephant Journal..

According to Wikipedia there are:

16,635 Starbucks stores in 49 countries * more than 800 in Japan * nearly 1,000 in Canada * 11,068 in the United States
Estimating 300 customers per store a day - this means 4,990,500 cups are being dispensed every day.
That's 1,821,532,500 paper cups a year.
If 50 customers a day in every store were to use reusable mugs, it would save 150,000 disposable paper cups daily.
Or 1.7 million pounds of paper, 3.7 million pounds of solid waste, and 150,000 trees a year.
If Starbucks decided to recycle in their stores, it would be HUGE.
Ask your local Starbucks to recycle
Call Starbucks and ask them to recycle their paper & plastic
Bring a reusable mug
And do this in your local cafe too!

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