Friday, April 22, 2011

How to entertain yourself on a day off

It was with great surprise that I realised it's the Easter LONG weekend this weekend only a day ago.. and there are not one, not 2, not 3 but 5 whole days to be enjoyed off in a row! YES! 5! Well, really - I'm teaching 2 classes on Saturday but still, that is almost 5 WHOLE DAYS to enjoy, to practice yoga as a student, to stop, to play, to nap, to smile.. If I wasn't happy about Monday morning already, I sure am now : )

What a great feeling updating my calendar : )

So, for those like me who are workaholics (yoga-holics?) and aren't used to such exhorbitant amounts of free time, here's some things to indulge in. I. Cannot. Wait!

1. Coffee at Chateau de Sister..
Yes, my sister is a great coffee maker. I will be indulging in multiple cups per day when I'm spending a few days with her wee little family.

2. Reading..

 Looking for new recipes, and doing a bit of decluttering. Also enjoying my new highly recommended book!

3. Writing..
Have been writing lots of posts lately and trying to get some new things out and about. Re-committing to my writing in a way I've not for a long time!

4. Listening..
Enjoying many new and old tunes - creating yoga playlists (to be loaded up here soon), long road trips in the car playlists, chilled out playlists for rainy days... and more!

5. Meditating..
Thanks to Kate Kendall and many yummy juicy podcasts available for free online!

6. Living a BIG creative life

7. Living a TRANQUIL life & catching up on my e-course notes! 

8. Pinning..
Have you disovered Pinterest yet? Oh dear, so much pinning love! You can waste hours on here! I mean, you can be inspired for hours on here!

..and finally - of course - YOGA. Yoga as a student. The ultimate indulgence!
I will be going here, for some of this.

Can you tell I'm a bit of a I-have-free-time-let's-fill-it kinda girl? So that is where I'm leaving my list. Gotta leave room there so I can be open to whatever else arises, like walks on the beach with friends (where I might just be inspired to get a yoga snap taken) or who knows what else....

How will you be enjoying your Easter weekend friends?

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