Friday, April 15, 2011

Here's To Me

This weekend's Sunday Herald had a wonderful piece in it, Here's To Me by Jill Stark - a binge drinking reporter who abstains from alcohol because she realises that maybe she is becoming the binger she's writing about.

I loved the honesty in this article, and the light she shines on avoiding - for some people it's the glass (or 2, or 3) of wine they have at the end of each day, the glass they 'need' to unwind or let go of the day. Or it's the sugar and junk they 'must' have, or it's the daily exercise that they need to do, or the long work hours they feel obliged to undertake. Wherever you look, we are a society of people who avoid, a society of those who really don't like to feel, aren't we?

We numb it out, we overwork it, we release our energy through sex/exercise/obliteration - and it's become normal. When I cut out drinking (yep, I realised too that I wasn't always drinking for the right reason - and let's face it, teaching 6am yoga doesn't really feel the best when you've had a couple the night before), it was so odd for so many around me.  Every event, dinner out, meeting up with people would revolve around that glass of wine - that celebratory /commisatory tipple. Perhaps it was habit and perhaps it was those I associated with (because really, a lot of people do drink beer when you're in a pub watching a band), but alcohol was the constant.

"Numbing the pain for a while, will make it worse when you finally feel it" Albus Dumbledore

We are energetic beings, and when we don't feel - when we don't allow the energy in our systems to move and release and flow - we get stuck. It's gotta come out somehow, but when we don't acknowledge all the feelings we have, we'll often release the charge through these things (booze, exercise, food...). Yoga has helped me not only feel - but help me be ok with those emotions. That's the clincher.  To accept them - to accept us, as we are - is huge.

Go and have a read of the article if you haven't - and then read a few more related items here and here too.
stella x

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