Monday, April 04, 2011

Eoin Finn * Blissologist

I've mentioned before how much I love Eoin Finn, and then today his Happiness Map (via Love More Fear Less) and it's made me love him even more. A road map to be happy? Yes thanks! I love it! Read it below.

And if you still need more Eoin loving, go and have a listen to a fabulous podcast he recorded at Yoga Peeps. Still need more? Check out some if his own flow podcasts here :)

{Nature via}

“Deep nature appreciation is the best fuel.
Harmonize your life with the ways of nature.
Life has stages. Live in harmony with them.
Listen before acting.
Relax and enjoy life often.
Being busy is not always a virtue.
Time spent alone or with friends and family in beautiful places is real richness.
Community is a powerful womb to abide in. Nurture all levels of it.
All actions are motivated by love of some kind.
Let your circle of love grow so wide it reaches the farthest corner of the universe.
Remember that the word “should” starts with “shh…”
Never cease to let love amaze you.
Let awe flow through you. Don’t let even the smallest things be taken for granted or grow stale.
Every action has consequences. Balance selfishness and altruism with every action.
Justice is based in this balance. Make sure it does, in fact, prevail.
Aim for the stars, but stay grounded in simplicity.
Creativity is pure magic.
It’s true. Laughter is good medicine.
Never let the intellect become unbridled from the heart or vice versa.
Not everything is good, but when viewed from the right perspective it can all be good.
The secret to happiness is not to get stuck on oneself but to see the process of countless forms of life ceaselessly coming, interacting and going.
To be a part of this dance even for a moment in an unfathomably huge gift.
To leave a legacy that allows others to dance to the same divine rhythm is an even bigger gift.
Resist the tendency to drift through life like a cork, chart your course. Why bob around when you can surf?
Plant beneficial seeds, do your best and let go.
Do things because they come from deep in your heart and not just for personal gain.
Cultivate a “what’s in it for us?” mentality.
Lead by example.
Increase your life force.
Beware of greed and the Kleshas. They will quickly lure you towards happiness that will not last.
Don’t dwell, just gel.
Everything that doesn’t go right, goes wrong for all the right reasons (although it may take time to see this)
Know the nature of grief and pain. They can shut you down of open you up to the deepest source of love.
To be only attracted to sweet forms of happiness is a trap. Be willing to accept the bitter with the sweet.
Beware of extremes. When people tell you ‘it’s all about balance,’ they are right. Become intimate with the forces that life requires us to balance.
True gratitude quickly opens the doors to the heart.
Too much ego is a self-created prison.
Anger is not to be stifled. Increase your love force and give anger space to dissipate in it.
Things are as they are.
It is never too late to keep growing.
You are about to become all that you are thinking.
Listen to the intelligence of the body.
Close your eyes and feel the vibrations of life.
Feedback from your body will tell you if you are being present or not.
Celebrate the animal and the angel in you.
Love is the ultimate renewable resource.”
-Eoin Finn

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