Saturday, April 30, 2011

A BIG and SIMPLE year

You wouldn't often think the words BIG and SIMPLE would go together so well, but after some thought, those 2 words sum up exactly the kind of year I'm hoping 2011 turns out to be for me.

I was chatting with a friend this week who has had a rough year with family passing away, massive job changes, lots of things happening. And she expressed these 2 words for me in explaining some of the things upcoming on her horizon. We both laughed - at first these words seems incompatible. But on second thoughts, we decided that actually, they go perfectly well together.

A year that is grand, with no complications. A year that is generous and exciting in its simplicity. Yes please - I'll have that! And it seems as though so far, that is the kind of year I'm having.

I think it my trip to India was the catalyst for BIG and SIMPLE thinking. That trip, after all, allowed me to trust in the universe, to let go of my stronghold on my life (and really, how silly, to think that little ol' me could go up against the powerful universe!). And it's true, when I put my faith out there in the unknown and stopped fighting all the time for what I want, for what I believe in, I found that rather than just curl up in a corner and be passed over, I'm actually going with the flow and making leaps and strides in the direction of my dreams. The universe absolutely wants me to do what I dream of - I just need to trust that I don't have to do it all myself (hmmm that old chestnut).

So here's to you all - I hope your year is also BIG and SPARKLY and FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH LOVE, yet free from messy complications. A big and simple year. From me - to you.

Namaste xo


Fleur said...

So perfect Bella....and so simple! (pardon the pun) totally fits my world this year XX

skinny latte said...

Perfect - and seems to sum up my year too. I had some very simple goals for my year, but they were all BIG things. Just goes to show that the BIG things don't need to be complicated do they? :)

Love your spin on things, as always xxx

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