Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Yoga Graduation & some beautiful Indian memories

Tonight I celebrated with my fellow Yoga Coaches, our completion of the 500 hour, Level 2 teacher training. It was a wonderful night with some beautiful friends who I've intimately shared the last 6 months with. As anyone who has ever done a yoga teacher training course, you'd understand there are many tears shed, stories told, friendships forged and hearts opened in a course. So it was wonderful to reconnect.

Since we completed our training, I've travelled to India (indeed, left Australia for the first time ever) and come into my own self. It was nice to share my growth with those who saw me in many states of depression, duress and sadness over last year. These were the souls who made me believe I was lovable. These were the people who encouraged me to become a yoga teacher full time. These were the people who made me trust ME again.

We had a beautiful tea ceremony where we were presented with our certificates, and then it was off to a local delish Indian restaurant for a celebration banquet.  It was also a highlight of the evening to chat to my old friends and compare India stories.  I had forgotten some golden moments about my trip, and it's encouraged me to take a step back, and commit those memories to this here blog.

I feel as though I won't be able to do my trip justice in simple words. But I'll try my best - stay tuned for stories a-plenty upcoming.  And how wonderful to come home after this glorious night and see this gorgeous clip - Mumford & Sons sharing their thoughts on lovable India. Awake my soul indeed! Yes, the universe is telling me to share my own thoughts. They will come :)

To all my fellow Yoga Coaches, thank you for the love and light. xo
*me with my beautiful teacher Tanya xo

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skinny latte said...


You look beautiful in that picture, filled with joy and light x

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