Friday, March 11, 2011

This, I know is true

{tee purchased from the gorgeous jen lee}

Today, this is what I know is true*:
<3 coffee, in moderation, gets me through the day
<3 going to a friends party, even when I'd rather eat sushi on the couch at home, is the right thing to do
<3 long as a nana nap is an option the following day
<3 beauty comes in many different shapes & sizes, and I am beautiful
<3 people come in & out of our lives just when we need them too
<3 when you settle for less, you'll often get less
<3 when you allow yourself to dream big, the universe rewards you in unexpected ways
<3 'things' don't make you happy
<3 simple acts of kindness are often the most powerful
<3 It's all for learning. All of it.

*these may change tomorrow

1 comment:

skinny latte said...

All of them very true indeed!! xx

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