Tuesday, March 15, 2011

‘Smile, breathe and go slowly.’ ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Over the last couple of weeks some of my yoga teaching friends and I have found a free spot in our timetable that matches up, and we've been having some coffee dates in a local cafe.

This is quite a miracle really, to find some time that works with all of our different schedules.  Believe me, a yoga teachers lifestyle is far from the relaxed, sitting in the park reading a book, tottering off to a class, catching up with friends, sleep in having lifestyle that many think it would be.

No - instead, our lifestyle is more: wake up early (before sunrise) to teach a morning class, get in a quick bit on the go before heading to our next teaching appointment. Teach, hang about for a couple hours - read a book or go home for some cleaning, then teach some lunchtime classes or a private, head to the next class for some evening lessons. Think of when you go to you - the peak times (morning and evening after work) and that's when we teach.  There's a lot of travel, a lot of waiting around or vice versa - a lot of tight deadlines and rushing to and from classes. There's a lot of solitary time - not a lot of community gathering.

And don't get me wrong: I do love it. Nothing gives me the feeling of service and open heartedness more than connecting with all the different yogis I cross paths with daily. But to smile, breathe and go slowly - that is something that unfortunately is not abundant in my life. However, we always have a choice as to where our time is spent and I'm making some adjustments to have more of this in my life as what a beautiful motto to live by!

Tell me friends, what is a motto you live by? A manifesto, a quote, a thought or collection of words. Does your 'ideal' life motto match your reality?


Brigid said...

Being a yoga teacher does seem like it would require a lot of flexibility in terms of daily scheduling!

The motto I usually use is "I am responsible for me," which kind of encapsulates all the other mottos anyway. I know that I'm responsible for my happiness etc and if something needs changing I know it's up to me. I can't blame lack of time, other people, the universe, whatever!


babs said...

Ah, the yoga teacher schedule. Always a challenge. So glad you found time to connect with other teachers!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.

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