Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've been reading a lot about the minimalist movement lately. Not the art history movement, but the 'strip everything back to basics & essentials' way of living movement. After visiting India earlier this year and seeing how happy and content they were with their lives and what little they had, it really shone a light on how much I have here at 'home', yet how I'm still searching. Searching for happiness, searching for 'x', 'y' or 'z' that will get me here or there.

There's a tonne of blogs out there that help you along the path of minimalism, just pop a search into google and start reading. And read with a vengeance is what I've been doing lately. Gathering information, gathering inspiration. Gather gather hoard and gather! I like my stuff.. I like my home and notes and books and 'stuff'.  Is it because we lived in a pretty minimalist home growing up? Is it a revolt to my youth? Who knows the answer to that, but what I do know is that my stuff is not making me happy.

Every time I move house I pack up the same 'stuff' - the boxes of cd's & books that haven't been played or read since I last moved. The bags of clothes that haven't been worn since they last hung in the cupboard in the previous household. And I'm also starting to notice that when I work from home, it's easy to misplace things - because there's so much of it! So the idea of minimalism is appealing, for this and many more reasons.

I love this idea here, of getting rid of an item every day for a year. Last night alone I picked up 10 bits and pieces and recycled/threw them away without a second thought.  And I know the more I get rid of, the harder it will become. And for this reason I'll keep going back to my minimalist intention - to surround myself not with 'stuff' but with goodness. Things and people and experiences that make me happy & content. Things that give my life meaning.   So here we go - one year of getting rid of something (big or small) every single day. 365 items throughout a year.

Care to join me?

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