Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I'm going Camping!

Guess where I'm off to, fellow yogis? I'm off to camp - in a tutu no less! Check it out.. if you're keen, you can come to.

The WishBIG e-camp allows you to: rock your creative girl power! It's a juicy creative living workshop and a tutu friendly adventure.... that's my kinda camping!!

Why am I going camping? Well, firstly I'm a learning nerd.. give me a course, I'd love to participate! But also because 2011 is the year of living big for me, of following dreams, of trusting my intuition and taking leaps of faith.

But also, I need to stay on path. It's much easier to see clearly when you're on holidays/ in another part of the world... "yes, I'll quit that job", "no - I'll do this or that.." there's no 'real life' interrupting you or shadowing your thoughts. But when I got home from India and back to the day-to-day of real living, my dreams had a bit of a sheen to them. I got caught up in the 'today' rather than the 'dream of tomorrow'.

A combination of the 2 is the ideal way for me to live. So I'm hoping this course will continue to let me shine and dream big and have the FAITH to stay creative, to surround myself with juicy sangha (community), and to keep my dreams turning into reality.

So stay tuned friends, I'll be sure to have some super inspiration coming shortly! xx

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