Friday, March 04, 2011

Crashes... and being Put Together

I was in a car accident this week.

15+ years of driving, no major dings ever.. buy my first car (not a work car etc) and BANG! ... car crash. Always the way, isn't it? :)

I had just received some AMAZING news, was on a complete high, on top of the world, and then I jumped in the car to drive to another yoga class - was a block away from the studio where I was about to teach when someone reversed into me! Doh! Although she was going slow (reversing) there is quite a lot of damage to the front of my gorgeous little car... my big 'adult' purchase. But you know what? It's just a car.  I was fine. The other driver was fine, if a little shaken. But we're fine.  And the car, you know, it's just a car.

It'll get fixed and be good as new.

This is what I kept telling the driver of the other car as she started crying and apologising.  And crying some more. And apologising. So I gave her a hug and told a joke, and she seemed a little better. It's just a car.

{cute car image via we heart it <3}
I was a good 20 mins late to my (60 min) yoga class but the students who had hung around seemed to understand. I'm sure there were a few who were cranky, some who were put out, and I saw a couple leave as I was running to class. But is this not the best yoga lesson for us to have? That life throws us curve balls, it is hard, it is shiny, it falls apart, gets mangled, needs to be assessed and there's a lot of investment that sometimes goes into fixing it? And yet - despite all of that - we're ok. YOU'RE ok. I'M ok. We're ok.

It took me burning out and travelling to India and  S T O P P I N G  to find out that I am ok deep inside, and that my 'stuff' is just that.. stuff. It'll come, it'll go, but what I am, what I have inside, what I believe and what I love (do I love myself?! yes!) is what's important. That's the juicy stuff. That is the goodness that'll hang out with me always - in car accidents, in job transitions, in life adjustments.

Take a moment now, dear yogis, and think of one or 2 of the most important peeps in your lives right now (For me, it's my sister, my best friend). Take a minute to stop, and imagine and FEEL how you would feel if this person had to undergo some tests. Some pretty major medical tests. Of course your heart would flutter. Your breath would shorten and your shoulders would tense up. Perhaps your mind would run away with you - you'd think of all the outcomes, you'd entertain the possibility that you'd have to become a mum to their kids, that you would lose your best friend.

This also happened to me this week, this exact thing above. And those feelings and that runaway mind & catastrophising, that's what happened to me. Dear reader, never fear - it all turned out absolutely fine. But when you feel such strong emotions, this is when all else fades away and you really truly realise

Hint: it's not the car. Not the clothes. Not the titles, or the bank accounts. But the inside stuff - the love, the relationships, the people and circumstances that give us meaning in our lives.

What is important in your life? How are you being put back together - even when times are tough? Take care readers and take a deep breath. We're all ok : )

x stella

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