Monday, March 28, 2011

Burning Out vs. Lighting Up

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I did a wonderful 2 hour yoga class with my favourite teacher last weekend - when really, the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed. I have a (not-so secret) secret to admit to the world - I don't really know the meaning of moderation. If I have a spare hour in the day, I fill it. If I can do one job well & have time left over, why not do 2 jobs? You get the idea.

I don't really know where this arose - is it because I am a people pleaser? Or a high achiever? Is it because I fear being alone, in stillness, with myself?  If there is one thing I've taken to heart from this lifelong yoga journey I've been on, it's not to have to uncover the answers, but rather just to notice what is. And right now, I'm noticing that moderation isn't really present in my life. So in this moment, the next best thing for me to do is to get some!

So in the above-mentioned fabulous class I did, on the eve of a full moon when I was so tired from all the rushing around that I could have happily slept through the class instead.. a few words from my wise teacher jumped out at me (I swear she was talking directly to me!), along the lines of:
"You don't want to burn out, without ever really being brightly lit up & alive"

My yoga mat is often the safe place for me where I cry, laugh, rest & flourish - so I almost burst into tears on hearing this. It was so direct and to the point, and summed up my life of late. I returned from an India trip in February which was my remedy for years of non-moderation, and already (less than a month later) was aware that if I didn't make some changes, burn out would be a common theme in my life. No thank you!!! This little yogi was not fond of that.

So in the essence of stepping back, smelling the roses and living a brightly lit up life (not a burnt out one!), I have been re-committing to my Yin Yoga practice and daily meditation.  As my wise friend Kristen said to me, "sometimes we're too busy getting through the day, that we miss being in the day".  And when I fear that I'm too busy to meditate (don't you love that excuse?!) I know that meditation is exactly what I need.

I do not want to be burnt out, without having really lived.

Friends, do you relate at all? Do you have any good tips for Lighting Up without burning out? For being present and smelling the roses? I love this post from Zen Habits on this exact idea. Enjoy :)

Namaste xo


Babs said...

What a beautiful quote. Thanks for sharing. I can totally relate to this post!

Kristin said...

I, too, can totally relate to this post - I'm starting to feel the burn-out too.

No suggestions to offer though, as I'm looking for ways to moderate my life as well.

Oh, wait! I did take a small step toward Lighting Up yesterday - I have a full summer (LOL, no irony there...) planned with trips, gardening, cycling, and some yoga workshops. I typically lead a 1x a month Saturday class. Attendence does drop off in the summer time, but I still like to maintain the enthusiasm this particular session generates. However, looking at my schedule, I would be able to "fit in" only June and Aug.

After consulting with the Studio, I decided to forgo the class this summer and re-offer it again come next fall. A small thing, yes, but a start.

Small steps. Small steps.

Anonymous said...

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