Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 10 online goodies of late

Here's some yoga blogs/lifestyle sites/interesting corners of the world wide web I have been diving into lately (in no particular order) - what are some you're enjoying? xo
A Composed Life - Melbourne-ites Nadine (a yoga teacher) & Kerry (a kinesiologist) work together so people can live a more, you guessed it, composed life. Beautiful writing and insight.
Yoga Journal Blogs - always great to get new perspectives on every topic under the sun. Read here about taking your yoga off the mat.
Enjoying the Small Things - Kelle Hampton shares a peak into her family life and I promise, you'll laugh, smile and cry along with her adventures. Oh the joy of small things.
White Hot Truth - you need someone to tell you the truth? No holes barred but 100% 'you go, girl' power. Danielle - I <3>
Zen Habits - smile, breathe & go slowly is the tagline and the site is true to its intention. I read this blog as often as there is a new post and find inspiration and energy from it. Honest, simple and touching.
Tranquility du Jour - from her weekly tasks, to her free podcasts, fashion sense and little tid-bits of inspiration and quotes, I just love Kimberly Wilson. A true tranquilista for sure.
Sadie Nardini - Sadie rocks. She's a red headed yogini with fire in her heart and in her belly! She is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and has loads of tools and information on her site. Go now and explore!
Skinny Latte Strikes Back - Phil aka Skinny Latte is a woman on a mission! An Aussie married abroad, she did the weight loss thing and is now doing the life thing - and taking the bull by the horns! Marathons, love, writing, you name it - she's tackling it. Phil, you're an inspiration and I'm glad to call you my friend!
Blissology - Eoin Finn is an inspiring yoga teacher and Blissologist - wanna be one too? I'll be doing his Blissology Month this year, be sure to join in too.
Sarah Wilson - Sarah is an Aussie journo who blogs on this, that and the other - everything under the sun - all in the quest to create a better & sweeter life. And indeed she does - it's honest, well-researched, humorous and glamorous too : ) as you'd expect from a prior Cosmo magazine editor (don't let that stop you) and TV presenter!

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skinny latte said...

Aww!! What an honour to make your list. I am glad to be YOUR friend :) You lovely blog is a ray of sunshine on my blogroll, I always love reading what you have to say. xxx

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