Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy week of SELF LOVE

The overwhelming feeling this week in my classes, when asked the question "did you have a good Valentine's Day?" was... meh. A big, firm MEH. Neither here nor there. A big whatever. Perhaps with some disdain thrown in.
And I used to feel that way. A whole lot of meh. Until I started to celebrate it as a day about ME. A day of self-love, of metta bhavana, of loving kindness.
I asked my students in this week long celebration of loving kindness, when was the last time you pursued your passion? When was the last time you did something to show yourself that YOU love YOU? And then of course, I had to ask myself that question. My answers are below:
* Of course taking myself off to India for my first holiday in YEARS was showing self-love.
* Not taking things personally has been a big step for me lately.
* Trusting the universe and going with the flow (rather than trying to plan everything) has created a luscious stream of happiness in my life lately with new job opportunities and exciting prospects upcoming.
* I bought 2 movie tix online recently to use for myself - 2 movies for me! (I'm one of those people who loves going to the movies alone but never finds the time. It's a big treat)
* I went to a friend's house for dinner when I was tired and just wanted my bed. I completely filled up from the inside after connecting with her
* I enrolled in a new course of study to change careers (alongside yoga) and take me back to my passion of writing (yes! I'm a word-nerd and PROUD of it) : )
* I splurged on a new camera, the last big splurge till the debt is gone (it's a polaroid!)
To be honest, I'm surprised at the abundance of my list. My India trip helped me find myself and made me realise that I am ok - that I do indeed LOVE myself. Now the task is to continue growing my list of loving kindness.
What is on your list, friends?
xo stella

1 comment:

lilasvb said...

so well! so good your list
i will have to make a long list to love myself better but for now:
i have stop smoking
i practise yoga in a better way
i start to stick to meditation
i swim each morning i can

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