Thursday, February 17, 2011

Food Glorious Food

When you practice yoga, it's amazing how you become aware of how the food (fuel) you eat affects the body. I used to be a wonderfully healthy eater but a life overrun with stress soon saw that food become sugar filled (quick fix!).
So more than anything, I'm going back to basics. I have been baking vegies, eating loads of home cooked meals, and trying to stick to simple rules (as much colour, and as much texture as possible!). You can't really beat that.
And while I am going to aim for health and wellness, I'm going to be realistic - I have a much-loved sweet tooth. But baking my own treaties is a better option than take away sugary sweets, so first up on the baking tray are going to be these banana bread cupcakes from Eat Live Run. Seriously - check them out.
And let me know - what does your menu look like? What do your sweet treats look like?
Share the food love, friends!

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