Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Day Devoted to LOVE

A day devoted to LOVE - what a wonderful thing to celebrate!
I admit it - I used to hate Valentine's Day. Me, the eternal single girl, feeling alone and unloved on this day of couples smooching, tables for 2, red roses being given to all around me... I hated it until I started to celebrate loving ME! I was working part time (around uni hours) in a record store, and one year I decided to buy a packet of little red heart stickers and sticker every purchase. The look of recognition and the smiles on people's faces was priceless.
That was the year I fell in love with celebrating LOVE. No longer did I find Valentine's Day a big, lonely headache.
I have continued the tradition of celebrating love with the now annual Valentine's Day partner YOGA workshops we hold at this time each year. The workshop ran today (check us yogis out above!), in honour of tomorrow, and what a hoot we had! This year we focussed on self-love, in part because I fell in love with myself whilst in India, and I want to share these tips with everyone.
We balanced, we breathed, we flew, we played and laughed, meditated and opened our hearts because we ALL have amazing spirits worthy of love. I cannot thank everyone who showed up today enough. To the yogis who came on their own and were willing to be partnered up with strangers - thank you. To the newbie yogis who came on the insistence of their yogi friends - thank you. To the work mates who came together, to the lovers, the friends, the shiny souls - thank you all.
I can't wait to share the love with everyone who comes to class tomorrow - what better way to spend Valentine's Day than with 5 classes full of happy, smiley faces?! And to YOU, dear reader, much love & honour to that wonderful divine spark in YOU. You are loved.
xo stella

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