Friday, December 10, 2010

Prenatal Yoga for Mummies to be!

Come 2011 I'm VERY excited to announce I'll be starting up some pre-natal classes. I'm currently looking for a venue - any suggestions around Sydney city or the inner west (or eastern suburbs!) let me know : )
Also, MUMMIES - any times that suit you best? Before work? After? During?
Hit me with your ideas!
stella xxx


rachel @ suburbanyogini said...

When I was in London I found that Saurday mornings were the most popular time for my prenatal courses. Since becoming a provincial I've found people prefer a mid-week evening post work, about 6pm.

You might also consider a daytime class for those who have gone on maternity leave or who have other kids in school or childcare.

Good luck! It really is the most rewarding class, even for the intentionallly child free like me!

lilasvb said...

next time i will come to sydney i will visit your yogashala

Acharya Vikrmaditya said...

You can contact for Yoga studio in Sydney.

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