Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Flourish & Rest

I'm (sadly) heading towards the end of my Yoga Coach Teacher Training (Level 2). Without being dramatic, and knowing that all good things must come to an end, and that I was lucky to be part of this and good things are just on the horizon, I'm really really upset it's about to end.
But one little nugget that has stuck with me throughout the whole course is the idea of resting.. in order to flourish. And resting down, in order to fill up. And filling our container, and settling down into the space created.
The past year has not been an easy one for me. I'm very much a person that likes to keep busy. Well, insanely busy. I work a lot - I've always worked while at high school and uni, and not just one job either. But I'd work at a restaurant, while I edited the uni newspaper. Or I'd work in PR, while teaching yoga on the side, and working in the record store on weekends, and doing more study whenever I could fit it in.
You get the picture.
It's only in the last couple years I've seen this workaholism for what it is: an avoidance of being still. I always had looked at it as "Wow, I'm multi-tasking and doing everything I want!" And it was fun! But perhaps as I'm doing more study, more self-study and yes, more holistic therapy, I'm seeing the business for what is really is right now, and perhaps what it has always been.
I won't go into what I'm avoiding, or what goes on in my mind when I do drop down. Really, we all have things we don't want to face or acknowledge (be it conscious or unconscious). What I will go into is that we all feel this at some point or another - and it's ok.
Filling up isn't about creating a whole new world in a weekend. Filling up is about gently pushing the edges of our container (of our comfort zone), and then settling into the new space. For me, this means letting go of financial insecurity or personal alone time, and not needing to fill every spare second I have. For me, this means slowing down (remedy: yin yoga! meditation!) even though I love dynamic practices. It means being still so I can listen to the universe, and not impose myself on it instead.
Do you recognise yourself in this post at all? What is your remedy for rest, and thus flourishing?
Perhaps it's time for this little yogi to take a mini-break - I think my gorgeous friend's workshop might be helpful! Melbourne yogis, take note!


Rachel @ SuburbanYogini said...

This totally resonates with me. I am on a sort of self-imposed rest. Just teaching and studying for my massage course. Some days it's hard to take life slower.

Nadine Fawell said...

I'm supposed to be on holiday right this moment (less internetz etc), but Stel, wow. What a great post!
Pyjama power. Oh yeah.

And thank you for the link love!

Kerry Rowett said...

Oh yes, I can so relate to the "ease" of busy-ness and the discomfort in slowing down. I tell myself stories during the busy times too - wow look how much I'm accomplishing!!! Alas, the craziness of those busy times always seems to come at a cost later. This year I've been working harder at accepting space in my life - a work in progress! And thanks for the link! xx

M.P. said...

I read this and it hit home. You are right when you say keeping busy isn't about multi-tasking but it's a sense of avoidance. I used to and sometimes still do keep myself busy thinking I will accomplish more. When I practice yoga, especially the less dynamic classes, I get a bit impatient and those are the most rewarding classes because I realize how much I need to slow down and be present. It's ironic how we want to keep busy and stay busy and think we are accomplishing a lot which we do at times but staying still seems to be the most difficult thing to do.

Your blog is very insightful :-)

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