Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yoga Tour 2010

Way back in 2006 I went on somewhat of a mini yoga tour of Sydney, trying out a few new studios, harnessing a beginners mind, and exploring different styles of yoga. When you've been practicing yoga for a while, the best way to rejuvinate your practice is to do this - to try new classes, to step out of your comfort zone and to be taught by different teachers.
Recently I happened upon a beautiful post at The Joy of Yoga which touched on this idea - how to bring that sparkle back to your practice if it's gotten a bit beige.
I've made a big decision recently - I've resigned from my corporate job, and am heading back to a life filled with much more yoga! After putting my wishes out to the universe, to find some work that would fit in around this passion... lo and behold, the job I've landed expects us to actually go and live and breathe a healthy lifestyle filled with yoga, dance and movement!
So I hereby announce the 2010 version of the Yoga Tour. I'll be trying out lots of Sydney yoga studios, dance classes, fitness centres and reporting back here. After all, isn't a change as good as a holiday? So friends, if you're stuck in a wee rut, if you're feeling that there's more out there, pls join me. I'll report on Twitter (@shinyyoga #YogaTour), Facebook (look up Friends of Shiny Yoga) and of course here on this blog..
Here's to change, bright futures and LOVING life : )
Lessons I've learnt in 2010:
1. Trust the universe - put your thoughts out there, talk about them, believe they can happen!
2. Trust yourself - you are AMAZING and you deserve all the beauty this world has to offer
3. Yoga, breath and movement make you happy


Rachel @ SuburbanYogini said...

Well done you! Great stuff. If you belive it can happen it will :)

skinny latte said...

What a wonderful post!!

Can't wait to hear about your discoveries on the Yoga Tour, and how you go in this new phase of your life - it sounds amazing and exciting and well deserved.


Rand(Om) Bites said...

How very exciting Stella, I wish you all the best of fun-filled luck!

babs said...

Congratulations! I'm always amazed how the universe gives us what we need :)

Dawn said...

a) love your lessons learned! fab!
b) thanks for the pop-by! new yoga studio is pretty good...but my old one re-opens in september! phew! :)

the meditator said...

Great move! I finally had to make the jump out of corporate too .. it was making me too sad not to try and have the life I imagined. Its been a challenging year since but I am blessed to now have a couple of 'mini' jobs that perfectly fit around my main passion (meditation). Jump and trust that the universe will support you. All the best with the adventure ahead.

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