Sunday, July 04, 2010

Set those Goals - and achieve them!

As I often tell students on the mat in my yoga class, YOU have the power to change your life. Amazing huh? It's definitely a pretty cool place to be in. So why then, do we often feel so stuck in our lives? Fear often holds us back - fear of failure, of looking like a fool, of not getting it, of being uncomfortable... and further than this, sometimes we just don't even know where to start.
Goal setting is something that can seriously change your life - just like a daily gratitude list to wire your mind to focus on the positive - and just like vision boards give your spirit the idea of possibility.
Just over a year ago I set some goals down in print and recently got a reminder email about them. I was happily shocked and surprised that I had made great headway on most of the goals, just by allowing them to sink into my subconscious. By taking my goals/dreams seriously, putting them down in writing and letting the world know I meant business, I took steps to achieve them and a year down the track, the results were in front of me.
Oh don't be fooled dear yogis - it takes work. But that feeling of accomplishment is just so sparkly and amazing you'll be wondering why you didn't do it earlier. START NOW! Lululemon have a Goal Tender website where you can list your goals and get those reminder emails. It's a pretty inspiring place to start and they'll help you step by step. Best of all, it doesn't cost a penny.
I'd love to hear your dreams and goals - pls share them here. Don't hesitate to put it out to the universe, create your own mini dream lab, and see what amazing things come your way : )
"Decide upon your major definite purpose in life
and then organize all your activities around it."
- Brian Tracy

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Juliana @ Shakti Mama said...

Lovely, I recently did something like this when I turned 30. I made a list of thirty things I'd like to achieve (or goals) during my 30th year, and so far, I'm well into the list!

Last night, when I went to sleep, I visualized how I would want the following day to be, and I also said thank you to those things I'm grateful for. I've never done this, but it felt really good ... I went to sleep happy.

You're right ... getting positive ideas into the subconscious is key ... this way we begin to believe that anything is possible, we just have to believe in it :).

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