Wednesday, July 07, 2010

50 Things to LOVE about Life that are FREE!

Tweet Tweet! For those of you who haven't discovered the twitter craze, oh what a joyous little world it is! Yep, Shiny Yoga is on there (come follow me!) but more interesting than a lot of my own tweets are the amazing tweets of yogis and inspiring people out there.
Twitter put me onto this fabulous website, and indeed - this fabulous feature, 50 Things to Love about Life that are Free. From "every day is another chance to get it right" to "music" to "quiet time" there are some amazing things on here. Go, go on now and take a peak : )
That little pearl of wisdom came from@tinybuddha, and if you're new to Twitter, here are some of the other amazing people I follow:
@dalailama (yes! Even the Dalai Lama is on Twitter!)
@homersimpson : ) plus many more!
Are you on there? Come share your username and let's get connected! x


Namaste~Heather said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I just sent you a twitter friend request (@namaste_heather), although I'm on there extremely sporadically. I need to check it on my iPhone more. During the Summer, I just can't bring myself to sit at a computer for very long. I follow many of the same people you do and feel inspired by the number of individuals spreading peace, joy, bliss! We are ONE! Off to visit the other link in your post. Thank you beautiful one ;-)

Anurag Som said...

Thanks for sharing the link and Yoga tweeple...I look forward to their tweets...


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