Saturday, June 26, 2010

You + Me = Yoga Date Now!

Want to drop a little sunshine into your heart?
We all know the day to day tasks of working, cooking, sleeping, resting, playing, reading, shopping...aka LIVING sure can take their toll on our body and our spirit. It's tiring stuff!
This is where private yoga sessions can help transform that tired old self into a human bean full of bounce!
Did you know that traditionally yoga was taught one on one, teacher to student? In this way the yogi student was able to get a practice tailored specifically for their needs, and learn direct from the teacher.
Private Yoga Sessions are good for:
* working at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home (or desired location) and at a time to suit you
* helping with pre-existing conditions and learning to strengthen your body in a way that best suits you - not as one in a group of 40 or more!
* helping you gain flexibility & an open heart in a safe manner
* recovery from injury or help prepare for changes (childbirth etc)
* bonding with your partner or small group of friends
* 'ME-time'
* realigning your body, finding your optimum weight & healthfulness, shining from the inside out
Who could benefit from a Private Session? Quite simply, everyone. Newbies, long term practitioners wanting a more detailed look at their practice, yogis keen to start a home practice, busy people, those with special needs, office groups, a gathering of friends. Young, old, bendy or not so.. come and find that inner sparkle.
Be Happy. Be Healthy.
Enquiries: contact Stella at / 0410 452 879
Rates: discussed as you make contact. Happy for friends to split the fee amongst a small group :)
Times: YOU name the date and time, classes are either 1.5 or 1 hr
Locations: Sydney metro area - further afield locations a possibility


lilasvb said...

thanks for stop on my blog, i will go to sydney next year visiting my daughter...
now , almost on the road for a yoga trip to mysore...
best wsihes said...

Go Stella!
Go Stella!
Go Stella!
(shakes pompons very enthusiastically)

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