Monday, April 05, 2010

Doing the Laundry

When you're doing the laundry - just do the laundry.
When you're in savasana - just be in savasana (not mentally writing out your shopping list, thinking of the weekend, having mental chats with people in yr mind)....
I was sharing this idea in a recent yoga class so thought it very fitting that Karen Maezen Miller actually writes an article entitled 4 Reasons Laundry Leads to Happiness. Enjoy :)
Happiness researchers are mystified. Almost nothing we think will make us happy actually has that effect: not higher incomes, not bigger houses, not having kids, and not even winning the lottery. Sure, money helps, but you're more likely to say you're happy living in a poor country than a rich one. Exercise can make you feel happier for a short time, but then, so can napping. Where is the sure route to fulfillment? Read the whole article here!


yogayoga said...

Thanks, this is wonderful!! Thich Nhat Hanh has a similar teaching using the dishes. (And eating...pretty much that's really all he ever teaches... :-).)

It's such an important message-just to be present with whatever is arising.

Thanks for the reminder. I can never hear it enough!

Yoga Thailand

Emma said...

kind of "wax on, wax off"-like, no?

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