Friday, January 01, 2010

Word of the Year

The figures are in - about 78% of new years resolutions will fail throughout the year. Oops. Seems kind of pointless then... but not to lose hope! In no way is visualisation a waste of time. It seems we just need a better way to actualise these dreams. One way that I'm trying this year, is to focus on a word of the year rather than re-hash the list of goals/resolutions that popped up last year. Because seriously, honestly - how many resolutions keep repeating themselves over and over and over again in your life? The gorgeous Christine Kane explains the idea of letting your year revolve around a word, yes! a single word - she breaks it down, makes it simple, and encourages you to take action. And she's been doing this for a number of years now - read one of the amazing stories here. To start the ball rolling, my word of 2010 is ACCEPTANCE. No more of this trying to please others all the time so that I lose myself in the process. No more looking to others to prove I am worthy. We are all amazing, loving beings of immense wonder and we lose that knowledge sometimes. We lose faith in ourselves. This year, I'm going to get that back and I look forward to the journey. What journey will your word take you on? Happy new year fellow yogis, may the 12 months ahead be the most sparkly yet.
Namaste, stella xx


Melita said...

acceptance is a fantastic word for 2010. mine are abundance and positivity as i couldn't just pick one :)

happy new year. may your 2010 be filled with joy, sparkle, warmth & love. hugs!!

kylie grethen said...

i love your word of acceptance, and what i love even more are your reasons behind picking it. i cannot wait to see how you weave it into your life over the next 12 exciting months. happy 2010!!

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