Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kurt Fearnley - "Must Read" of the day

In my last post, Windhover talked about using our bodies - not just our wallets - to raise awareness and funds for charity. It's true - sometimes doing something ourselves when it is hard or challenging can bring you so much more than just handing over a couple of dollars. (Of course, there is nothing nothing nothing wrong with $$)
Speaking of using our bodies - I invite you all to take inspiration from Kurt Fearnley - a 28 year old Paralympic champion currently crawling the Kokoda Trail, to raise awareness of depression. Not only is this cause one close to my heart having suffered major depression personally but the fearlessness and courage this Aussie is showing is phenomenal.
Read the story here yourself - it'll make you continue your day with a little more hope than you have been. Enjoy!

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